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Updated 7 Dec 2014

Amiga Emulator Downloads

Languages: English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano

1. Emulator Programs


WinUAE for Windows or WINE
Current version is 2.8.1 (18.6.2014)

Beta: English Amiga Board

Download Installer
ZIP archive

winuae help

WinUAE Help file
Current version is 2.2.7 (19.05.2014)



FS-UAE (Fengestad UAE)

Current version is 2.4.1



Current version is WIP03 16.12.2011



e uae

Current version is 2.8.1b1

PUAE Website:
Lib SDL:


Download (source only)
Download (OSX bin)

Version: 0.5.2
Frontend for Mac OS X E-UAE


Pocket UAE

PocketPC UAE
Current version is: 21.01.2006

Website: Pocket Insanity


Amiga emulator for DOS
Version 0.75d

Web page: DOS UAE FAQ


Palm Treo

myUAE for Palm
Amiga emulator for Palm OS 5 or later
Version: 0.91



UAE for Wii
Amiga emulator for Nintendo Wii
Version: 9


Playstation 2

UAE for Playstation2
Amiga emulator for Playstation 2 console
Version: 0.8.25


NB: For PS3 use YellowDog Linux and E-UAE.

UAE for Dreamcast

UAE for Sega Dreamcast and Dingoo
Version: RC3


Sony PSP

UAE for Sony PSP
Version: 0.72


X Box 360

UAE for Microsoft X-Box
Version: 0.81




UAE for BeOS
Version: 0.8.17r1



Version: 0.5.2



AROS (AROS Research OS)
AmigaOS for x86 systems

AROS 68k:

Download or

Power PC Emulators

SoftPear Website:
QEmu Website:


ChipTune Workbench Simulator

Website: Chiptune




2. Amiga Forever DVD or Online Edition

Amiga Forever is a complete Amiga emulation package for DOS, Windows, Mac, Linux or Android systems which includes the files
needed to run AmigaOS, applications and games and comes in three Editions:

Value edition

Amiga Forever Value Edition


Buy and Download
9.95 EUR

Plus Edition

Amiga Forever Plus Edition


Buy and Download 29.95 EUR
Premium Edition

Amiga Forever Premium Edition


49.95 EUR
Amiga Explorer

Amiga Forever Amiga Explorer


Try or Buy
14.95 EUR
UAE Essentials Amiga Forever Essentials for Android

Google Play Store

The cheapest is the Value Edition for as little as 9.95 EUR and 95 MB, which includes Kickstart and Workbench 1.3 and 3.x,
an easy setup menu system, KX Light, Gallery, Amiga Explorer, Personal Paint and the Windows Emulator program.

Next up is the Plus Edition , 29.95 EUR, which includes all the Kickstarts and Workbenchs, plus 100s of games and demos and gallery to try, KX Light and a bootable Plus CD.

Finally, the Premium DVD (49.95 EUR) version also includes some popular Amiga Software, a complete Workbench hard disk setup including latest Kickstart, Workbench 3.9, PPaint, MPEG videos of Jay Miner's speech, Commodore launch and the Deathbed Vigil (last days of Commodore), Amiga Explorer network program plus 100s of games and demos to try.

To check it out and get your copy visit Amiga Forever. For a local store visit AmigaKit (UK), AmigaKit (US) AmigaKit (EU), and Cloanto (Italy)

History of the Amiga video was donated to Cloanto by myself from a 1992 video by Devware Inc.

3. Workbench Install disk

UAE Bench UAE Bench
Version 5.0
Free cutdown Workbench for Amiga emulators
UAE Install UAE Install
Version 1.2
Hard disk installation tools for AmigaOS


4. Disk Copying, Installing and Network transfer software

* Download ADF Blitzer program for reading and writing ADF images using a graphical frontend.
* Download ADFRead from for copying Amiga disks to PC disks using Windows NT/2000/XP.
* To transfer files, between PC/Mac/Amiga, try the Easy ADF with a PCMCIA Adapter from Amikit.
* Download Cloanto's Amiga Explorer for network transfer between PC and Amiga. No software is required on the Amiga side.
* Download Disk2FDI program which will read Amiga Disks and write it to a FDI format image for use with Winuae.
(Two floppy drives required).
* Download NComm or Term terminal emulators for Amiga file transfers over serial network.
* Download MSH to read and write PC disks on your Amiga (WB2).
* Download WarTrans for network which works with AmigaBasic and a terminal program on the PC side.
* Download WHDLoad for installating games and programs from floppy disk to hard disk.
* Download RunADF for running OCS/ECS game on AmigaOS 4.
* Download WHDLoad to UAE tool for running games from AmigaOS 4.
* Download glUAE to run classic Amiga software on AmigaOS 4.
* Download EasyUAE to provide a useful GUI frontend for E-UAE on AOS 4.
* Download RunInUAE for another GUI frontend for E-UAE on AOS 4.

5. Software for Amiga

* Aminet (Ger.) or Aminet US has the biggest collection of software which includes loads of utilities, demos, drivers, pictures, MODs and games which are freely available. You will need the LHA program from the util/arc folder to extract the archives.
* Software Package Add ons. There are loads of dedicated web sites with games, utilities and other files to run on your Amiga. For add on software for Winuae visit AmigaSYS or Amikit. Also, try the Green Amiga Alien Guide. For more Amiga site visit my Misc Links.
* For Games, try Amiga Land, BHLegend, AMI Sector One, AGDB, HOL, Planet Emulation, S.P.S, and Back2Roots. Also, try Factor 5, Vulcan, Cinemaware, Sodan, Llamasoft and FreeCiv. More news and links at AmigaFlame.
* Retailers. Visit Amigakit,Fore-matt, PageStream, Titan Computers, AirSoft, APC-TCP. More dealers can be found at AmigaWorld and Amiga Org.
* Commerical and shareware software: Vapor, SASG (MUI), DiscreetFX, Digital Universe, Hollywood, PPaint, Alinea (StormC, AmigaWriter, Pagestream, ArtEffect). new
* Web Browsers: AWeb, IBrowse, Netsurf (AmigaOS 4), Netsurf 68k.
* Open Source/Free. There is plenty of open source or free amiga software. For example:YAM, JAmiga, Video Toaster, Basilisk II, AmIDE, EaglePlayer, Jabber, TV Paint , Scout, AmigaAMP, VBCC, MUI Base, etc.
* Other Emulators. For Macintosh try Shapeshifter , Basilisk or Fusion. For 8 bit Commodore machines such as the Pet, Vic 20 and C64 try C64 Forever. For the ZX Spectrum try ZXAM, Spectrum etc. For other platforms try MESS. For PC try PC-Task or PCx.
* Development. Amiga Developer CD files.

6. Hardware for Amiga/PC


Catweasel Mk 4 Plus

Floppy controller for PC to read/write multiple disk formats including Amiga 880K/1760K disks.



Amiga A500 type computer with 68000, Kick rom, MMC card, VGA slot, Mouse/Joystick ports.


New Amigas (Power PC and AmigaOS 4.1)

* Sam 440, 460ex, 460ep, and 460cr from AmigaKit or ACube Systems.
* AmigaOne X1000 from A-Eon.

7. Archivers for Amiga/PC

* Download X-Arc (requires MUI) for Archiving needs on Amiga.
* Download lha for lha and lzh archives on Amiga (self-extracting).
* Download DMS for diskmasher images on Amiga (self-extracting).
* Download lzx for lzx archives on Amiga.
* Download lhant for lha for the PC.
* Download Gzip for to unarchive Z,GZ, ADZ, ROZ files.
* Download Archivers for Amiga for other formats.
* Download UnLZX for PC to unarchive LZX format (now in ZIP format),
* Download WinAce for PC to unarhive ZIP, LHA, RAR, ACE, GZ, Bzip archives.
* Download UnRAR for RAR files on Amiga.
* Download Stuffit Deluxe or Express for Macs or PCs.

8. Other files for Amiga Emulator (any version)

* gb2 Keyboard file for Winuae.
* Pure Basic interpreter.
* AmiBlitz (or Blitz Basic) compiler.
* Ace Basic from Aminet.

9. Information, documentation and other things

* For hardware information, see the Big Book of Amiga Hardware, Amiga Schematics.
* For game information, see the Hall of Light and the Amiga Games that Weren't database.
* For Amiga OS 3.9 FAQ, see Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ.
* For Amiga history and famous uses, see Famous Amiga Uses.
* For Amiga Music collections see Amiga Music Collection.
* For Fun stuff, try ChipTune website.
* For Amiga development, see my Programming page.
* For hardware and repair, see manuals from
* For Amiga Magazines, see Commodore (Amiga) magazine archives. new
* The Amiga Basic programming reference can be found at Amiga-Manuals.
* Access to archived web pages: Freiburg Linux UAE.

10. Installation Instructions

* Amikit Installation Step by Step
* Winuae Installation Step by Step
* Workbench Installation F.A.Q.
* Application and Driver Installation F.A.Q.

11. Linux and Macintosh FAQs

* Winuae and Wine F.A.Q.
* Linux PUAE and E-UAE F.A.Q.
* Macintosh E-UAE/Hi-Torro F.A.Q.
* Macintosh and Linux FS-UAE Launcher F.A.Q.

12. Winuae, Amiga Explorer FAQs

* Winuae Configuration F.A.Q.
* Winuae Disk Images, ROMs, and File Transfer F.A.Q.
* Winuae Interface F.A.Q.
* Amiga Explorer F.A.Q.

AmigaDOS Command List

AmigaDOS Error Codes

AmigaBasic Reference

Guru Meditation Codes

Workbench F.A.Q.

C64 Forever F.A.Q.

If you have a question about Winuae or Amiga related, then please .

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